Understanding Slipped Disc Condition: Non-Surgical Treatment Explained


Understanding Slipped Disc Condition: Non-Surgical Treatment Explained

Do you have long-term back pain that never seems to go away? It may be a slipped disc, which is fairly common and affects many people and hinders their everyday activities. But worry not; there are some effective non-surgical treatments available such as the one provided by Dr. Sanjay Sharma at JPRC Neuro Spine Centre.

Slipped disc is also known as herniation or prolapsed disc medically in which the soft inner part of the disk protrudes through its harder outer layer. This can cause compression on nerves resulting into pain, numbness, or weakness in any area including the arms, legs and back.

Non-surgical treatments provide an alternative to surgical procedures that are safe and efficient too. Dr. Sanjay Sharma specializes in interventional pain management techniques which focus on the root cause of the problem. These methods include:

a. Medication Management: Prescription medications might help relieve pain, reduce inflammation due to slipped discs.

b. Physical Therapy: Tailored exercise regimes alongside manipulation therapy techniques to improve strength, flexibility and posture, ultimately reducing pain and preventing future injuries.

c. Procedures that are minimally invasive: These types of procedures include MIPSI Technique (Minimal invasive pain and spine intervention), Radio frequency ablation and PRP , epidural steroid injections or nerve blocks which reduce inflammation and swelling around the nerves involved to provide a targeted pain relief.

d. Modifications in lifestyle: These may be simple changes in daily activities, ergonomic repositioning and correct body mechanics to help reduce stress on the back and speed healing.

e. Alternative approaches: Besides traditional medical treatments, integrative therapies such as yoga, acupuncture and chiropractic might add more relief and well-being for patients.

By focusing more on non surgical therapy options, individuals with slipped disc conditions could have their pain significantly reduced as well as an improved quality of life. Dr. Sanjay Sharma is experienced enough to ensure that patients get personalized care services specifically designed for them because he has vast knowledge in interventional pain management techniques.

If you are experiencing back pain or think you have a slipped disk, do not wait any longer. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sanjay Sharma at JPRC Neuro Spine Centre today and take the first step towards living a life without pain. Remember no surgery is needed for these pains.