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Knee pain is a common complaint. The older a man gets, the more often age degenerative changes of joints are given signs. The most common cause of such changes and, accordingly, complaints of chronic pain is osteoarthritis of the knee joints, which is most often called osteoarthrosis.

Knee pain to a great extent limits a person's mobility and their ability to move. As a result, body mass is increased, which contributes to the progression of this and other hypodynamic disorders. In the onset of the disease, pain is corrected by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, as well as by injectable therapy - intra-joint injection of glucocorticoids (steroid hormones), hyaluronic acid and platelet-enriched plasma (PRP). In the late stage of this ailment, the exit becomes endoprosthesis of knee joints, i.e. replacing them with metal implants.

However, endoprosthesis is not always available. Retirement age people often can’t afford expensive implants, and the wait in line for free treatment is extremely long. Also dare to operate they do not give their own age and related diseases.

Pain medicine offers radiofrequency denervation of the knee joints or radiofrequency ablation (high-temperature coagulation) of the knee nerves (nn. genicular).

This procedure is outpatient and performed under local anesthesia. It will have to be preceded by a diagnostic blockage of three knee nerves: upper medial, upper lateral and lower medial. If a blockage of these nerves by local anaesthetic has reduced the knee pain in half or more, a radiofrequency procedure is suggested.

The word "radiofrequency" means that the heating of the tip of the cannula (needle) is achieved by a high-frequency electrical current generated by a special thin electrode inside the cannula. But the machine used for this, a radiofrequency generator, gives the doctor another option as well. Before the ablution, you can find the necessary nerves by their electrical stimulation. The patient experiences paresthesia (sensing of generation) in the knee. The exact finding of knee nerves and their pricísion is the key to the success of the procedure.

We treat chronic pain of different origin. In our difficult time, few things have value. Among them is health and preserved functional activity.

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