Neuropathic Pain Symptoms & Treatment In Jaipur


Neuropathic Pain Symptoms & Treatment In Jaipur

What is a Neuropathic pain ?

Literally, it can be any pain that happens due to nerve damage or any defect in nervous system. Often it's chronic. Damaged nerves can't act properly, sends erroneous signals; so patients feel burning or shooting pain at different levels.

But this neuropathic pain is not a specific disease itself, rather it's like a secondary manifestation in a large variety of 100+ different diseases. Diabetes is responsible in almost 30% cases.

What are the causes ?

Neuropathic pain is involved with all medical conditions that somehow may lead to damage in nervous system.

Common factors are :


  1. Alcoholism.

  2. Diabetes (most common)

  3. HIV infection (AIDS).

  4. Central nervous system disorders (stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis etc.)

  5. Regional pain syndromes

  6. Chemotherapy drugs ( cisPlatin etc) and radiotherapy

  7. Limb Amputation, which may cause phantom pain.

  8. nerve compression or inflammations at any body part.

  9. Trauma or surgeries with resulting nerve damage.

  10. Tumors, often give rise to pain syndromes.

What are the Symptoms  ?

As Neuropathic pain is a derivative of any other underlying pathology, the symptoms vary widely in different persons and diseases. But few common symptoms may be seen, as follows :


  • Shooting, burning pains, stabbing sensation, also tingling sensation, numbness etc

  • Heightened pain sensation evoked by generally non painful stimuli like touch, cold, slight scratch and pressure etc.

  • Unpleasant feeling, that persists.

  • Troubled and disturbed sleep, resulting in mood disorders and psychological emotional problems like stress, anxiety, irritability

  • Often any other pain sensation may temporarily reduce the Neuropathic pain.

About diagnosis :

It is diagnosed by a quick interview with history taking and a simple clinical examination. Sometimes doctor may ask for nerve tests, routine blood tests etc.

Well, How is it Managed ?

Medical treatment is sufficient to manage Neuropathic pain. Treatments vary widely according to the underlying disease.


  • Antidepressants (Escitalopram, Amitriptyline etc), anticonvulsants (Diazepam, Valproate etc ) anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs like Aspirin ) are usually first line drugs, often painkillers are used too, to relief pain.

  • In diabetes associated pains, effective treatment of diabetes is the only way to reduce pain symptoms.

  • Nowadays, electric current stimulation, implants are also being used

  • Physiotherapy, counseling, Rehabilitation therapies, massage, acupuncture etc associative treatments are also used along with medical treatment to ensure better and quick relief.

But, unfortunately neuropathic pain, often isn't totally curable. With treatment, in most patients it comes and goes. But in many people, the progress is pure and with time the pain may worsen with gaining a chronic persistent nature, and that can cause serious disabilities.

So, appropriate multidisciplinary treatment right since the early stage is of utmost importance. A timely diagnosis ensures that.

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