Knee Pain Treatment without surgery


Knee Pain Treatment without surgery

Any painful symptoms that may happen around or in the knee joint give you real trouble. Knee joint being one of the most important joints of the body, plays a pivotal role in daily life.

Chronic pain from a knee injury can limit your mobility and keep you from enjoying the things you used to do.

But You may be afraid of a knee replacement and we understand your concern about complications etc. 

Is it possible to treat knee pain without resorting to surgery?

Ofcourse, yes. Knee pain treatment without surgery in Jaipur, Rajasthan now available only in Painguru aka JPRC Neurospine Center, the best pain doctor in Jaipur, Rajasthan India. 

How to treat Knee pain with No Surgery

Modern medicine has devised some genius ways to heal knee joint completely while avoiding the dreadful surgery. 

  1. Steroid Injections : Painkillers and Steroid injections help to immediately control the inflammation of joint ligaments and capsules. Most of the patients feel relieved by this only. 

  2. Hyaluronic acid : Hyaluronic acid is a natural product of your body, when given externally acts as lubricant to make your joint movements smooth and easy.

  3. PRP Stem cell transplant injections : PRP( platelet rich plasma) is an recent advanced treatment where concentrated platelet extract from blood is used to trigger the growth and healing factors in the joint. This helps to heal fast, with no side effects. Stem cells, similarly deliver progenitor cells capable of producing new cells that helps to boost healing from inside, and resolves the pain for good. 

  4. Physical therapy or massage therapy: In cases of a severe strain or sprain, you might need Physical therapy to rehabilitate your knee. Massage therapy focuses on relieving vital trigger points that cause spasms of pain. 

  5. Radio Frequency Ablation: Coolief aka RF ablation acts on those damaged nerves supplying knee joints and collecting painful stimuli. It numbs those nerves so the patient doesn't feel the pain anymore.

It involves radiation, so this is kept as backup and only used when all other treatment modalities fail. 

All this treatment facilities are available in JPRC Neurospine Center, the best pain treatment in Jaipur Rajasthan.

We also offer minimally invasive surgeries that are far more efficient but less dangerous than conventional surgery.

We are equipped with all the latest international standard laboratory and operation theatre infrastructures. Our team of renowned medical professionals will put an end to your suffering by this Knee pain treatment without surgery In Jaipur Rajasthan India.

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