What We Offer for You

We have a good team of experts and hence we offer a variety of treatments to the patients. Our
comfortable and friendly environment will make you feel home away from home. Listed below
are few of our well known treatments.

Ganglion Impar Block
A ganglion impar sympathetic block can be beneficial for pain from the distal rectum, anus, vulva, distal urethra, perineum.
Neck Pain Treatment
Neck pain will occur for a spread of reasons. Most of them are best treated while not surgery. These embody neck inflammatory disease.
Pinched Nerve
The symptoms of a pinched nerve can vary, depending on the location of the affected nerve.A nerve in the cervical spine that has pressure on it.
Occipital Neuralgia
Our prestigious JPRC medical centers are experienced in diagnosing and treating brain and spine conditions such as occipital neuralgia.
Hip Joint pain
Hip joint injections have advanced the treatment of hip pain and other areas affected by that pain, such as the lower back, buttock or leg.
Stellate Ganglion Block
A stellate ganglion block is used to treat nerve pain in the arm/hand that persists despite the area being physically healed.
During discography, contrast medium is injected into the disk and the patient’s response to the injection is noted.
Platelet-Rich Therapy
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a revolutionary new treatment that relieves pain by promoting long lasting healing of musculoskeletal.
spine Surgery *endoscopic
Surgeries have evolved rapidly with modern advances in medicine and less traumatic techniques. Back and neck pain.
Transforaminal Injection
A selective epidural injection places anti-inflammatory medicine (steroid) over the spinal nerve in the epidural space to reduce.
Kyphoplasty & Vertebroplasty
Using a needle and tube, the spine specialist creates a small pathway into the fractured bone. A small, orthopaedic balloon is guided.
Dextrose Prolotherapy
Prolotherapy is a cutting edge regenerative injection treatment used to repair injured ligaments, tendons and joints for people.