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Dr. Sanjay Sharma
Interventional Pain Physician (Algologist)
JPRC Neuro Spine centre
JPRC is the Best Spine Hospital in town with top specialist and mordern technology.
With our years of working experiences we undertake best methodology and approach for your treatment. Because we understand patient’s problems and pain, we even offer concessions to those who are under-privileged or incapable monetary funds. Our motto is “SERVE All”. In the past decade, we have cured 10000+ patients from their neuro spine problems.
What We Offer for You

We have a good team of experts and hence we offer a variety of treatments to the patients. Our comfortable and friendly environment will make you feel home away from home. Listed below are few of our well known treatments.

Trigeminal Neuralgia
Advanced Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatments at jprc neuro spine centre We provide support and information for those with trigeminal neuralgia and related facial pain. In our JPRC has doctors who are specialize neurologists and pain management specialists can treat your facial pain with a number of advanced surgical procedures.
Minimal Invasive Endoscopic Discectomy
Surgeries have evolved rapidly with modern advances in medicine and less traumatic techniques. Back and neck pain may now be treated with techniques which do not cause scarring or further damage to the spine or irritated nerves. JPRC neuro-spine centre, we combine our knowledge of diagnostics with the appropriate procedures to help you manage or heal your pain without major surgery or hospitalization. At our state-of-the-art, safe, and well-equipped facilities, we can perform these minimally invasive surgeries to provide evidence Base Pain relief for slipdisc & sciatica.
Avoid knee Replacement
Genicular neurotomy is a advance new, innovative option for treating any kind of knee pain without open surgery, that avoid replacement surgery in most of knee pain cases for limited duration,this highly advanced procedure is on the absolute cutting edge of medicine. By selectively applying a sophisticated type of radio frequency wave to the nerves surrounding the knee (the genicular nerves), because most of knee joint structure supply by genicular nerves.
Our World-Class Specialists

We have a good team of experts and hence we offer a variety of treatments
to the patients.

Dr. Sanjay Sharma

Algologist - Interventional Pain Physician

Dr. Sanjay Sharma (Algologist) is working as Chief Consultant Interventional Pain Physician at JPRC Neura Spine Center & Apex Hospital Jaipur.

Ex. Consult - SMS Medical College and Attached Hospitals (Dept. of Anesthesiology & Pain Management Associate Member - World Institute of Pain (USA), Transworld Society of Pain (USA), Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Society, Pain Physician of India, SSELD Society of Sacral Endoscopy, Spine and Interventional Pain Society, Visiting Consultant: Apex Hospital

Dr. Lalit Bharadwaj

Course Director Of JPRC

Dr. Lalit Bhardwaj is working as a Consultant Neurosurgeon in Apex Hospital Jaipur. In education, he has done MBBS, MS, MCH (Neurosurgery - PGIMER (Chandigarh), IMISS, Wooridul Hospital (Seoul, South Korea), ESCD Strasbourg (France) and he worked as Associate consultant in Medanta, Gurgaon.

Dr. Tariq Ahmed Tramboo

M.B.B.S., M.D. FIPP (U.S.A.)
USE Board Certified Pain Medicine Physician
(Interventional Pain Specialist)
Director-Pain Relief Academy, SGR
Vice President - World Institute of Pain
President - Truminim Interventional

Dr. Kateryna Yatsenko

Dr Kateryna Yatsenko M.D., Ph.D. Senior Researcher of A.A. Bogomolets Institute of Physiology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Full Individual Member of European Academy of Neurology, Head of the clinics, Neurologist. Consults, makes individual rehabilitation programs.

Dr. Rekha Gupta


Medical Pro Services

Get Well Soon

Avoid knee replacement surgery

Slipdisc treatment

Nonsurgical options

Rf Treatment

Look at The Difference Magni

We work with you to help keep you healthy because
something as simple as having doctors.

Our professional experts can help you get through your intense pain with the best possible method applicable for your medical conditions. Pain Management specialists will diagnose your problem and provide you appropriate method to ease your suffering.
Neurosurgery, or neurological medical procedure, is the therapeutic procedure concerned about the counteractive action, conclusion, careful treatment, and recovery of clutters which influence any part of the sensory system including the mind, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and cerebrovascular system.
With the new era of modern medicine, JPRC also offers the Orthobiological Treatments. Orthobiologic Treatments have proven effectiveness for conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, major joint issues and sports medicinal injuries.

Mrs Saroj


I was not able to walk properly due to my spine injury. Being a housewife i was not able to perform my daily task could not look asfter my small children due to excessive pain. Then i went to JPRC on a relative’s recommendation. See now i am all well and performing all tasks normally.

Mr Ramakant


My experience with Dr Sanjay Sharma has completely changed my life. He is the best pain physician in India. Firstly my son 10yrs back was suffering from lumbar facet joints localised severe back pain & he treated him with radio-frequency ablation a day care procedure .I am out of words to thank him.After that my daughter married to unsubscribe himachal Pradesh, her mother in law suffering from rheumatoid arthritis was under treatment by some rheumatologist in Punjab. She was advised for knee replacement surgery by everyone but she was skeptical about knee replacement. She was treated by dr sanjay Sharma by nonsurgical options like prolotherapy and autologus platelet rich plasma therapy., after the treatment she began to live her life better than any surgical procedure.

Mrs Kuljit Kaur


I was suffering from severe knee Pain osteoarthritis grade 2, from last 2 years, and had consulted a lot of specialists orthopaedic surgeon for a long term solution,without any Painkillers and surgery even try all available ointments and Knee support, and I undergone physiotherapies but there was no relief. In the end of all failures ,my friend adviced me for jprc & dr sanjay sir. He did Genicular Radio-frequency ablation along with prolotherapy,Now i am fit and doing all routine activities without pain.just because JPRC Neuro-spine centre and dr sanjay sharma my pain has vanished away.that I never imagined.One more important thing I would like to share with you that my husband who was suffering from knee Pain Problem,his experience after Knee surgery,was not upto our I avoided any kind of Surgery.

Mr Taylor


Myself retired senior bank manager from Punjab national Bank. My wife was suffering with knee pain, someone says your cartilage lost, other says grease is lost, etc. she took all treatment from doctors, in 2010 she was advised for knee replacement surgery, but I was not willing for surgery, I saw few cases where people’s didn’t find absolutely pain free condition. Fortunately we met Dr Sanjay Sharma who is known intervention pain physician well known name in pain medicine globally, he do non surgical procedure to treat all painful knee condition with out surgery.He advised us autologus prp and genicular radio-frequency ablation techniques. It took nearly three sitting follow by certain precautions and Medical treatment along with.It’s nearly 10 yrs after procedure, she is working and living without pain.

Mrs Kirti


Myself house wife from kota rajasthan ,I was suffering from Low back pain Slipdisc(Hetniated disc) at L4-5 level.continuous pain both legs. Not relief by any pain killers and any type of physiotherapy as advised by orthopedic surgeon. I tried all treatment ,possible in our country. Then I search over google for best treatment for Slipdisc problem. Where I found Dr Sanjay Sharma who is known intervention pain physician in India. His main expertise in nonsurgical options for spine related problems. He has team of neurosurgery and pain medicine doctors, they avoid conventional surgery as far as possible.I underwent for laser endoscopic discectomy just after few hours, I started walking and after few days (7) started doing all routine work afterwards .It was stitches less techniques no bed rest after procedure. After 6yrs I didn’t have any pain in my lower back. And after that I travelled many places in India.

Mr Anil Saini


I am senior business manager in multinational company’s my job is travelling from one place to another with two and four wheeler.i developed constant pain in my lower back, for that I consulted many doctors, but no body could identify my problem exactly.most of doctor suggest me for exercises and pain killers,they just see my simple X-rays,and start treatment.After getting exhausted with different medical treatments consulted dr sanjay sharma interventional pain physicians known name in pain management doctor in India.he advised us for MRI ,where he identified PIVD L4-5 level.with annular tear.he advised us for minimal invasive procedure, along with some most of people avoid spine procedure, because of fear, that after any surgical procedure, you can be permanently bed ridden as society thinks so.But I was having full faith in dr sanjay sharma because he had an experience of more then 15000 same spine cases of slip disc.he did laser procedure in my disc level at L4-5,under local anaesthesia,after few hour I was discharge from jprc neuro spine centre, with certain instructions.after 3 yrs right now I am absolutely pain free from slip disc problem.

Dr B.L Gawadia


I am laproscopic surgeon at my own centre at kuchaman city nagar close relatives were suffering with low back pain many patients.though I am qualified surgeon see many patients since couple of years.but I felt that some of my patients suffering from slipdisc problem and sciatica.who tried every possible treatment available.what I felt every patient who is undergone for long trial with medicine and unwanted bed rest should opt for minimal invasive technique.before attempting any surgery, its safe and proven my Mausi and parents and other family members took treatment at jprc.

In day care minimal invasive technique like laser,radiofrequency ablation,adhesinolysis and endoscopic discectomy type are routinely performed by jprc neurospine centre doctors.

Mr Anju Gupta


Mr gupta from delhi was suffering with fracture vertebrae L1 LEVEL,she was living with pain since many years ,tried all pain killer and bed rest as advised by many orthosurgeons,even she tried other non medical treatment like acupuncture,and local application of different oils with the hope to correction of fracture,then she was advised by some to contact us with neurosurgery department ,after analysis of MRI,CT SCAN film, finally decided to attempt kyphoplsty procedure,a minimal invasive technique, no big incision,just under local anaesthesia,and controlled sedation, an absolutely painless surgical procedure.just after 24 hrs patient was absolutely pain compared to her painful life.

Elizabeth David


Hi am educational professional based in jaipur I came to know about dr Sanjay Sharma few year back ,when one of close friend was suffering with low back pain was under treatment by many orthopaedic doctors, and unwanted physiotherapy for her spine pain problem,PIVD L4-5 &L5S1 level.everybody was saying keep on rest or physiotherapy only solution for her back pain but unfortunately no outcome.its almost 2-3 years trial by all doctors, then one of my friend suggest me, that dr Sanjay Sharma who is doing minimal invasive spine pain procedure for any painful spine condition, then he saw our case in detail and advise us for percutaneous discectomy.we agreed upon his suggestion.after her procedure her painful spine almost become painfree.after that I visited his clinic JPRC neuro-spinehospital jaipur many times with different problems like frozen shoulder,cervical spondylosis, migraine etc.all of my patients as well as friends now very much thankful to my suggestion.

Mr Kanhiya Dholpur


I am very pleased to say as my job in police department to work hard, because of our working pattern and hard work duty I start developing back pains our most of police personnel develop.but unfortunately in 2010 I was diagnosed with slip disc L4-5 problem.for that I took treatment from SMS hospital neuro doctor and orthopaedic department.intially I was kept on medicine but after few month when my pain not relieved they admit me for surgery.i was very much scared about surgery for Back pain radiating down to whole leg till great toe.

fortunately I was told by some doctor that dr Sanjay Sharma and dr tariq tramboo opened a centre in jaipur for non surgical treatment for slip disc.i consulted both of them they did a simple procedure without any anaesthesia,it was amazing that after procedure my pain almost reduced to zero.i was asked to follow certain instructions for few weeks.

I am very much thankful to JPRC neuro-spine hospital doctors team for saving my life from unwanted surgery.

Mrs Nidhi Gupta


hello I am Nidhi gupta from jaipur few year back my mother start complaining back pains L4-5 & L5 S1 she was known case of diabetes and hypertension,evry dr way saying it all because of diabetes condition, then we met dr Sanjay Sharma,who after seeing her mri advise for minimal invasive procedure for her low back pain.after the procedure she was absolutely fine.but she develop pots spine for that again every dr was not sure what to do ?but dr Sanjay Sharma and dr Lalit bhardway did excellent spine surgical procedure after that my mother start doing all routine works.i am really thankful how dr sharma save my mother life, from spine problems.

Mukesh Anand


I am buisnessman Delhi based widely travel routinely for buisness.i was having both knee pain condition,my weight was,100 kg,I consulted many orthopedic surgeon for my knee pain, everyone suggest me for bariatric surgery and knee replacement surgery,then I met Dr sanjay Sharma he suggested me for non-surgical options like RFA treatment, prolotherapy,and viscosupplementation, after few visits my pain almost no need of knee surgery, thanks for Dr sanjay

Jyoti Sharma

i am working women middle age from last few years I developed low back pain, going for to legs,I consulted many doctors in USA everyone suggest conventional medical treatment,then we had consulted Indian doctors ,well known in spine Jaipur Dr sanjay Sharma who already treated my father few years back,ask me to see Dr sanjay,he advised me for Endoscopic discectomy,it was really a interventional procedure stitchless under local anesthesia, second day I was discharged from hospital, after year I am very comfortable with out residual desability during routine life.

Dr sudhir Singh


I am Jaipur based , educational professional at Edmund school owner. My wife who is known case of diabetes ,she developed knee pain , after taking regularly Pain killer no effect seen.we tried physiotherapist too but no benefits.then I decided to discuss with JPRC Dr sanjay Sharma who is well known pain physician in India.he advised us for genicular RFA treatment and prolotherapy ,now with God grace she is absolutely perfect doing her routine life.without Pain.

Mrs sudha


I am Jaipur based buisness family women',I developed pain in both hip area, unable to do routine activities for many years,I tried everything medicine exercise bed rest , what ever told by anyone.but no relief .then I ask Dr sanjay Sharma about my pain condition,it was pubis symphasitis ,an chronic inflammation condition.he treat me very well with medical treatment only with some I resume my younger life again.thankful to JPRC team

Mrs kuldeep Kaur


I am from Ranchi Jharkhand India,i am housewife but very active in social activities .as I am senior citizen too.i was having constant pain in legs, and knee joint, could not stand for few relief from every medical treatment.after many consultation with ortho ,doctors.every one suggest me knee replacement.but net result zero then I consulted with dr Sanjay Sharma .who advise me for MRI LS SPINE,immediately he suggest me for endoscopic discectomy surgery.i was very much scared about spine surgery, then he shows me details about endoscopic surgery their team work.i decided to get done spine surgery fromj JPRC neuro spine centre. Immediately after surgery I was totally pain free.hopefully I will treat my knee pain from him soon. My suggestion for people ,who had slip disc type problem should have expert opinion from neurosurgery and pain medicine department of JPRC doctors.



I am from alwar Rajasthan ,with knee pain in both knee I am suffering with rheumatoid arthritis too.i consulted many doctor for knee pain everybody was suggesting me for knee replacements ,I was not financial sound to bear surgery I refused knee replacement.then I consulted dr Sanjay Sharma for his name in pain relief treatment by many patients, who had treatment by him from years.he suggested me to radiofrequency treatment with viscosupplementation and other procedure along with ,he treat me two times immediately afterwards my painful knee become painfree. In my opinion if possible everyone should have nonsurgical treatment before any replacement surgery.

Mrs Ritu Gupta


I am jaipur based educational women, honestly speaking I was having knee pain since many years.i consulted many doctors they simply given me pain killer and exercises etc.only on X-rays finding with saying "GAP KHATAM HO GAYA”.You have to continue longterm treatment for knee pain.i ask dr Sanjay Sharma who immediately refuse to do any treatment on his MRI findings, he suggest me for replacement if possible.but some other best hospital by other orthopaedic surgeon was operated ,during surgery my nerve was traumatised,and I developed foot drop post hope for my movement ,again I was told no treatment possible for foot drop by any doctor in India. Then I discussed with dr sanjay sharma who also have good knowledge about Neuromodulation technique,asi heard about him for his international work in Neuromodulation .he perform radio frequency neurostimulation techniques for foot drop.with his efforts, now I am walking only foot without support.recently I travelled to Australia after his operation. My sincere thanks for him

Mr Chandra kant sharma


I am jaipur based automobile industry as sales manager 7 years back I developed neck and shoulder pain[cervical spondylosis] ,it was very serious type pain not relieve by any pain killer injection.and medicine.after few days I was advised to consult physio exercises.i was offered few week exercises, with neck collar. After two weeks I discuss with jprc doctors, they asked me for first mri investigation, It was PIVD C5-6 disc prolapsed ,then dr sanjay advise me to get done day care non surgical neck procedure-suprascapular RFA treatment with facet RFA together ,I was absolutely pain free after procedure.i advise everyone don’t go with simple X-rays based treatment by your doctor unless not sure. I really thankful to JPRC neurospine centre team.

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