About Us - Our Introduction

About Us
JPRC is the best neuro hospital in town with top specialist and modern technology.
We are a team of specialised medical professionals, interventional pain physicians and neurosurgeons aiming to relieve painful spine and joint conditions. We undertaken advanced innovative approach with proven technology to treat our patients. Our experts from India, USA, Europe, Indonesia and Middle East put forth a joint opinion on the special selected cases by using advanced Medical knowledge and technical expertise.
Our World-Class Team

We are ready to build your health

Dr. Sanjay Sharma

MBBS,DA,FIPM well known Algologist &
Interventional Pain Specialist

Dr.lalit Bhardwaj

MS,Mch neurosurgery well known
spine surgeon in India

Contributions Made by Dr. Sanjay Sharma
Dr. Sanjay Sharma has given many contributions in the field of Neuro-Spine Sciences, some of them are listed below –
Interventional Pain Management

Percutaneous Discectomy (dekomperssor)

Neurostimulation and Regional anaesthesia Technology

Minimal invasive spine procedure-endoscopic

Dr. Sanjay Sharma has always delivered quality medical care to his patients through comprehensive approach and modern methodology. He is an expert in latest intervention techniquies to treat all types of pain. Healing in restoring the physical functionality of the patients so that they can painlessly perform their daily task and live an healthy life.
Non-surgical Treatment

With Non Surgical Intervention Procedures, Dr Sanjay Sharma have cured more then 15000 thousands of patients. He has used these methods to elivate pain from main cause and to treat according with medically or surgically, toward longterm and definitive ways..


TRUMINIM is a renowned company, currently involved in research and development programme for percutaneous procedures such as SPINAL CANAL STENOSIS. The Company aims to develop cheaper implantable devices such as pain pumps for Indian Patients. TRUMINIM is also involved in teaching Minimally Invasive Procedures to Internal Medication Students.