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If you require a lot of medication to manage your pain and regularly suffer from intense pain on any particular part of the body then you need Pain Management. You should consult a specialist who will identify the problem and provide a proper solution for your pain. Our Pain Management Services offers variety of treatments and help you get rid of addictive pain killers.
Because we are team of qualified interventional pain physicians, neurologist neurosurgeon ,physiatrist,we have treated thousands of patients with similar health problems.like slip disc,sciatica,vertebral fracture, nerve pain, neuralgia We thrive for healthier and fit society. We provide best treatment at reasonable prices as we understand that not everyone can afford expensive surgeries and treatment.
For the first appointment you need to carry your recent health checkup reports like blood report, xray, cardiac report etc. In case you are on any kind of medication you can carry the prescription and consultation reports etc. If you have any medical history for the same disease or similar one then you need to carry all the relevant documents for the same. The documents/medical reports are required because with this our doctors can analyse your health conditions and provide proper treatment after assessment of your previous and current disease criticality.
With the age, your spinal disc start losing water and hence start becoming less flexible and more prone to ruptures. A damaged slip disc can either pressurize the whole spinal or on a single nerve. This disc causes pain in the part of the body controlled by the pressurized nerve. It can also cause pain in part of protruding disc. Smoking causes a major role in slip disc as it promotes flexibility loss of the disc.

Other external factors that may cause slipped disc due to increased pressure and strain on the spine are :

  • Injury on the back due to accident or falling
  • Inappropriately weightlifting
  • Obesity
  • Awkward bending
  • Jobs that involve lots of sitting

  • These weaken the disc tissue and lead to slip disc. Yes there are variety of treatments available for the slip disc at jprc. Our doctors will recommend you the best possible treatment non surgical to surgical, minimal invasive procedure like intradiscal radiofrequency ablation, laser,endoscopic or microscopic discectomy,neurostimulation procedures, according your current situation. We ensure that the treatment suggest by our specialists are long lasting and beneficial for the patients.
    Spine surgery has a success rate of 92-95% for the conditions such as disc prolapse,slipdisc, spine tumours, spinal canal stenosis and spine instability. On the contrary, prsence of neurological deficits such as weakness in limbs, sensation loss, bowel disturbance other treatments are recommended at first but if the patient does not get relief from them then the last option stands out to be surgery.