Joint Pain Relief, Without Surgery


Joint Pain Relief, Without Surgery

Joint pain symptoms are troublesome in all forms. They greatly hamper usual flow of life as these symptoms affect mobility and make regular movement extremely painful. 

In an international survey, it has been revealed that almost 82% of the population suffers from various degrees of joint pain in some phases of their life. So, believe it or not it's like a silent epidemic that is constantly creating major public health disturbance.

For this very reason, we should seriously focus on joint pain symptoms as we do in JPRC Neurospine Center, the best joint pain treatment in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

What are the symptoms?

Joint pain has some pretty generic symptoms, ranging in a wide variety. 

  • Restricted movements of limbs

  • Swollen up, tender joints and limbs (knee, ankle etc)

  • Crushing, burning or blunt pain

  • Altered, unusual posture


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Risk factors

We can mention some common factors:

  1. Age : tendons and ligaments start to wear away with advancing age.  People above 30 years of age are more prone to get lower back pain. Post menopausal women are prone to joint pain due to low bone density. 

  2. Weight : Obesity puts extra load on the joints and musculature.

  3. Occupational hazard: People who lift heavy weights daily, are more likely to injure their bones, muscles and ligaments.

  4. Structural problems: defective spinal column, malformed weak joints by birth.

  5. Other diseases: people suffering from restrictive diseases: fracture, spondylosis, osteoarthritis, cancer etc are prone to suffer from joint pain.


More about Diagnosis

Joint pains are pretty easy to diagnose, a general physical examination is enough. 

Your doctor may ask for a spine X-ray/ MRI/ CT scan etc too. 

We, at Painguru aka JPRC Neurospine Center the best joint pain treatment in Jaipur Rajasthan are fully equipped with advanced diagnostic technology for the finest pain treatment without surgery Jaipur, Rajastan, India. 

Well, now the Treatment


It usually heals within days, with Over-the-counter medicine, hot/ cold compression and rest.

Don't impose pressure or extra stress, but staying active helps in healing. 

  1. Steroid Injections : Painkillers and Steroid injections help to immediately control the inflammation of joint ligaments and capsules. Most of the patients feel relieved by this only. 

  2. Hyaluronic acid : Hyaluronic acid is a natural product of your body, when given externally acts as lubricant to make your joint movements smooth and easy.

  3. PRP Stem cell transplant injections : PRP( platelet rich plasma) is an recent advanced treatment where concentrated platelet extract from blood is used to trigger the growth and healing factors in the joint. This helps to heal fast, with no side effects. Stem cells, similarly deliver progenitor cells capable of producing new cells that helps to boost healing from inside, and resolves the pain for good. 

  4. Physical therapy or massage therapy:

In cases of a severe strain or sprain, you might need Physical therapy to rehabilitate your knee. Massage therapy focuses on relieving vital trigger points that cause spasms of pain. 


  1. Radio Frequency Ablation: Coolief aka RF ablation acts on those damaged nerves supplying knee joints and collecting painful stimuli. It numbs those nerves so the patient doesn't feel the pain anymore.

It involves radiation, so this is kept as backup and only used when all other treatment modalities fail. 


Other treatment regimens are :


  • Medication 

  • Physical therapy , acupuncture.

  • Hands-on manipulation ie massage (chiropractic/osteopathic)

  • Injections ( often, steroids)

  • Surgery (minimally invasive techniques available)


In JPRC Neurospine Center, the best pain doctors rajasthan, we detest unnecessary surgery and rather use modern minimally invasive techniques like Radio ablation, prolotherapy, coolief and more effective variants. 


Suffering from back pain for long? Is it affecting your work and well being? Don't delay, as timely treatment can only get you a quick recovery.


We, at Painguru, the best joint pain treatment without surgery in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India helped so many patients to heal, be the next one today!


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