What is Sciatica ?

Sciatica, is the pain felt along the sciatic nerve, the main large nerve that starts near the lumbar spines and goes downwards all the way to leg.

Usually it's a minor condition, needs a little treatment only. But some serious cases may need some surgeries.

What are the Symptoms ?


  1.  It usually involves buttocks, lower back, hips, calf and any one sided leg.
  2. Pain may be mild or severe burning, excruciating. Burning sensations are common.
  3. Prolonged sitting aggravates pain
  4. Muscle weakness of that leg, and numbness also.



When to visit your doctor ?

Often, sciatica heals slowly on it's own or with some self care remedies. But you should go see your doctor if :


  • Pain worsens over time (progressive)
  • Sudden severe pain episodes or complete muscle weakness, numbness in legs
  • You're having bowel and bladder issues
  • Pain is due to any injury or accident.


Mainly, due to pinching or compression of sciatic nerve in lower back or buttocks.


  1. Herniated disks, bone spurs in spine, narrowing of spine etc may cause numbness and pain, leading to Sciatica.
  2. Compression of nerve by tumors.

What are the Risk factors ?

Sciatica may happen to any individual, but there are some known risk factors that makes a person more prone to this.


  1. Age - middle and older aged people mostly suffer.
  2. Obesityexcessive body weight imparts stress on spine and often leads to spinal injury
  3. Occupation - jobs that requires heavy weight carrying, twisting spine in various directions or driving vehicles for very long time.
  4. Prolonged sitting - sedentary lifestyle is associated with higher risk.
  5. Diabetes - glucose load makes nerves prone to damage. Also tumours may be associated with this.


What might be the complications ?

Often Sciatica is self limiting, and heals without any medical treatment. But sometimes, it can cause nerve damage in some cases.

Emergency Treatment is needed if :

  • Loss of all feelings in leg
  • Total weakness and inability to move
  • Loss of bowel, bladder function


How to prevent this ?

Prevention of Sciatica isn't totally possible, some common place incidents may recur. But there are something that may protect your back a little better.


  1. Exercise regularly -

Strengthening your core muscles - the abdominals and lower back muscles, is proven to have lots of benefits, along with maintenance of proper posture and balance.


  1. Maintain proper posture while sitting and sleeping -

abnormal changes in curves of spinal cord or excess pressure bending the spine are very risky. So use a good chair with proper base and handle, maybe place a small pillow or rolled towel in the base of your chair. Alignment of knees and hips is also important..


  1. Use good body mechanics and balance -

Pay your attention to distribute the weight uniformly and Don't overstress spine.

Rest one foot on stool or something, when you're standing for long. Lift heavy weights using lower parts, not spine. Avoid lifting and twisting simultaneously.

Got questions ? Do you think you are suffering from sciatica ? Get in touch with us for a quick appointment.

Remember, if you need treatment, get it early.