Coolief RFA


Coolief RFA

Hip joint is really vital. It is literally the backbone of your body. When your hip joint starts disturbing, every daily work like walking, standing up, sitting and even sleeping becomes a trouble. And, also you can't forget that unbearable pain for a second.

Your doctor has probably told you why your joint is betraying you and what precautions you need to take so that it doesn't worsen. You may also read our blog on hip joint pains to get a look inside. But today, here we're going to tell you about a treatment, which you'll ask for, soon…

What is radio frequency treatment ?

Radio frequency treatment or ablation (RFA) is a minimally invasive, non surgical technique that burns nerve fibres,that carry pain sensation to the brain. So this gives relief in chronic and non healing pains via blocking the feeling of pain itself.

Doctors also call it as Rhizotomy.

When do you need RFA ?

Radio frequency ablation is a highly specialized treatment only used in patients with -Chronic pain, recurring pain that shows good relief following other nerve blocks, spine injury, arthritis; also in neck, back, knee, Hip joint and peripheral pains.

What is Cooled RF then? And why I need it?

When surgery sounds scary and opioids comes with too many side effects, but you want a quick and easy therapy to recover - then all you need is " Coolief " aka Cooled Radio frequency treatment. This is a modification of standard RF therapy, that works better and more acceptable to patients.

Most patients who took Coolief sessions, sent us feedback with -


  • Quickest recovery time, within 1-2 weeks maximum.


  • Longer pain relief for upto 12 months or more.


  • Markedly improved mobility, and better work capability.


  • No opioid recovery medicines needed, simple over-the-counter drugs will do. So, heavy side effects are off the table.


  • No overnight hospital stay, as it's a minor daytime procedure


  • No incision, no stitches, hassle free treatment.


So COOLIEF, How is it done ?

COOLIEF* is the only currently known maximum efficient radiofrequency pain management system using an advanced water cooled technology to safely deactivate your pain-transmitting sensory nerves. In Coolief, doctors insert small electrodes to cool the affected area first, and that allows a larger treatment area and higher chance at targeting pain-causing nerves.

Fluoroscopy or imaging techniques like Ultrasound are used during this, to ensure correct positioning of electrodes.

 COOLIEF is clinically proven to provide long-term pain relief, improved physical functionality, and reduce post-therapy drug utilization.

Any risk factors :

Almost zero. It's totally safe procedure. Only there's a rare chance of accidental skin burns over the affected area. But the tiniest possibility of  that makes it not worth worrying.

Tell me more about results :

This is a practically amazing way to treat pain, and the results are surprisingly positive.

Usually, the effect of nerve ablation persists for uptp 2 years. But if new axon sheath and nerve regrow around the carriage, only the therapeutic effect lasts for 6-7 months, well, RFA can be repeated again.

Studies show, this is an 85 % successful therapy in people with previous nerve blocks, and 70% in first time patients.


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