What is Prolotherapy ?

Think of it, like a vaccine; except that it triggers our natural healing mechanism, not the immunity.Prolotherapy, which means "Proliferative or Regenerative therapy", is a century old alternative treatment regime.

This non surgical reconstruction therapy relies on artificially stimulating the tissue healing procedure to ensure quick and proper relief, in joint and back pains mainly.

Until recently, it was obscure in the way of modern medicine. But now, prolotherapy is gaining popularity and being suggested by many Pain Physician Doctors themselves.

How does it work ?

Prolotherapy is all about injecting a highly irritant solution, like dextrose solution, directly into soft tissues around the injured site.

 Now, that irritant will kick start the dormant healing pathways and accelerate the overall natural regeneration process.

So, rapid tissue repair starts happening, and over the time, replacement of all worn out, torn soft tissue, strengthening of ligaments and supporting fibres will stabilize the joint soon. Once, the mobility is restored, the pain will go away for good.

But, how do they do this ?

Patient is screened well, with clinical and imaging tests to determine the location and type of injury and if the patient should get the injection.

Before Prolotherapy, the patient is usually asked to follow certain simple instructions, like :

  • Stop taking antibiotics, any anti-inflammatory drugs etc, since 48 hours before the treatment
  • Eat well before the shot, try to get extra protein rich food


In the clinic,

the doctor prepares the patient, by rubbing alcohol or numbing ointments on skin over the injured site. Sedatives are used if needed at all. Then, with the help of a long thin needle the irritant solution is precisely delivered to several different points around the injured joint, sequentially.


Prolotherapy is a long term treatment. Usually, it needs several shots each session, at the injured or weakened site; and the patient has to take multiple sessions for atleast 3-6 months.

Who are the good candidates ?

Doctors mostly suggests prolotherapy in chronic back pains. Being a tendon and ligament reconstruction therapy, it is highly useful in other areas of the body,  like :


  • Knee
  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • All other joints and ligaments
  • Chronic pain syndromes ( disc disorders, arthritis etc)

Literally, it can be used in any pain related to tissue damage, to get relief upto a certain limit.

But, is all these actually worth it ?

Prolotherapy, has been around since early 1900s. It's been widely used with enough success to stay in the business still today.

Now, there's mixed reactions among doctors and even few medical associations say against suggesting prolotherapy.

In contrast, several recent research studies have shown dramatic improvement in healing of patients, who agreed to take prolotherapy.

But again, effectiveness often depends on the doctor's skill and patient's receptivity.

Any risks ?

Not much, really.

Rarely, an infection with fever may happen, which will easily go down with one or two drugs.

Immediately, after the injection, there might be more pain and uneasyness. But that's quite normal, and it's always followed by feeling better than ever.

Wait, no disadvantages, really ?

Ah, nope.

Prolotherapy has its downside too.

The main problem is high price of injections. Being a long term therapy, overall cost becomes quite high.

The verdict …

Every treatment has some good and bad sides. It's important to choose something with more benifit but lesser risk.

Conventional pain management therapy, with painkillers and other drugs only give temporary relief. Even, Surgical reconstruction procedures often do not work properly.

Now look here. Prolotherapy is an entirely safe, natural process that uses no drug, rather boosts up our own regenerative ability. It's also proven helpful in reducing pain, since long ago. Isn't that enough to go for Prolotherapy?

But, everyone's medical conditions vary. So, talk to your doctor. If your doctor suggests it, don't hesitate to try Prolotherapy !

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