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Knee Joint Pain Treatment

JPRC hospital is situated in Jaipur that is providing Knee Joint Pain Treatment In Jaipur to treat patients with joint pain problems without using steroids. JPRC multi Speciality Clinic is the pioneer in General Surgery and Knee Surgery in Jaipur. Pain is a way your body responds to injury or sickness. Everybody responds to pain in a different way.Your report about your pain is the most reliable source of information.

The knee is the largest joint in your body. It is a complex joint made of bone, cartilage, and ligaments. The cartilage in the knee acts as a cushion and gliding surface. When healthy, the cartilage keeps the bones in the joint from rubbing together. However, when the joint is affected by arthritis, the bones make contact and cause pain. Injuries, aging and degenerative conditions such as arthritis can cause the cartilage to break down. Knee Joint Pain Treatment In Jaipur, at our clinic, is the very helpful solution.

Actually, pain is the way your brain represents erudition about a demanding sensation that your body is undergoing. Information about this painful sensation is sent via nerve pathways to your brain. The way in which your brain interprets these signals as “pain” can be affected by many outside factors, some of which can be controlled by special techniques by our Knee Joint Pain Treatment In Jaipur.

H2: How is Knee Pain detected in our Knee Joint Pain Treatment In Jaipur?

A careful medical history which includes-

  • A description of knee pain (aching, tenderness, burning or swelling)
  • Where the pain is located and when it occurs?
  • When did the pain start(and if it is the result of an injury or accident )?
  • Anything that makes the pain worse or better.

Acute pain is of short duration, usually the result of an injury, surgery or illness. This type of pain includes acute injuries, post-operative pain, post-trauma pain etc. That you can get rid of with our Knee Joint Pain Treatment In Jaipur. Starting from prevention through early diagnosis and intervention, surgical intervention to rehabilitation, the Knee Clinic will provide a complete programme for people suffering from knee disorders due to causes ranging from arthritis, age, sports injuries and obesity. It is a 360-degree holistic approach with equal emphasis on prevention and rehabilitation of knee disorders.”

Facilities that JPRC provide

  • Epidural steroid injections & Selective Nerve Root blockade
  • Facet joint and Medical Branch nerve injections
  • Radiofrequency Neuroablation, Sacro-iliac Joint Injection
  • Lumbar Provocative Discography
  • Disc procedures – DeKompressor, Ozone therapy

The most common causes of chronic knee pain and disability are arthritis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, we have the best solution for Knee Joint Pain Treatment In Jaipur. Sports-related injuries are another major cause of knee pain among the young. Such injuries require expert medical intervention and post-treatment rehabilitation.