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most of the backpain problems get resolved with passage of time.unless some define pathology is there.if you are suffering with low back pain,you have to ask question to your treating doctor,what exactly is available in radiological evidences like X-rays,MRI,etc.

if your on conservative treatment ,there must be a definite period to be observe,unwanted long trial just with advise of your doctor is not desirable.its always wishful to get second opinion in every spine pain cases.

in long trials if no benefit noticed ask for pain physician or neurosurgeon to asses your clinical status.unwanted longterm pain killers and exercises as advised by your doctor by any physiotherapy must be guarded meticulously.

spine endoscopic procedures are one of advance modalities now a days,as oppose to conventional surgery adopted in past was associated with undesirable side effects like continuous pain,burning sensation,leg or foot weakness,bowl and bladder dysfunctions.