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minimal invasive technique-pin hole technique

majority of low back pain patients,who are having sciatica or slip disc{L4-5,L5S1},were pain free,after receiving image guide PIN HOLE TECHNIQUES radio frequency -laser treatment,according to RSNA study from north america.
low back paining now a day become extremely day to day problem,affect nearly 85% of our society.in our lifetime,becoming most job related disability,affects equally men and women together.
most of back pain resolve with passage of time and short lived,about 30% of patient become chronic cases,only because of poor diagnosis by doctor or apathetic attitude of patient about himself,that persist for couple of years protruded or compressed disc material,supposed to act like weight bearing shocker,become a obstruction in way of citing nerve from spinal cord or less space between vertebra causing less room for nerve.that cause radiating pain in legs known as sciatica.
nerve root is very sensitive structure,like a electric wire,whenever get pinched become inflamed.and causing severe radiating pain in leg as our study say dr sanjay sharma interventional spine pain specialist from india.as the nerve get irritated,make muscle to contract in response and further constrict the passage of exiting nerve.making vicious cycle.
in our study 90 % of pain sufferer bearing pain from last 3 month to 6 month,presenting with low back pain with herniated disc,do not responded with medication or exercise at all.
patients who who has been advised to undergo minimal invasive interventional procedure with radiofrquency or laser with the assistance of flour guided orCT guided,toward location of bulging disc or nerve root ,through a pin hole opening to access at the affected site,deliver radio frequency in pulse manner over 5-10 minute,this made to resolve the herniation.this probe deliver wave non thermal non destructive as in dr sanjay sharma opinion,undoubtedly results are promising and extra ordinary without any incision over your back,and patient can return back to home on same day ,start his routine activities like movement,with certain instructions.
90% of treated patients treated by this technique,were pain free for years after a single sitting,there was no requirement of any surgery so far following the procedure inflammation and pain go away,along with relaxation of muscle,so the narrowing to passage of nerve become up to normal.
in our study no patients experience any side effects like paralysis,bowl or bladder incontinece or any bleeding or infection.after getting minimal invasive pin hole techniques procedure.
there is dramatic difference between minimal invasive pin hole technique like radio frequency or laser with conventional surgery like laminectomy etc,frequently associated with long recovery,infection ,bleeding etc.