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Stellate Ganglion Injections

Provide a Diagnosis and Long-Lasting Relief of Your Neck Pain Stellate ganglion injections can determine if the sympathetic nerves in the neck are the cause of your pain issues. Stellate Ganglion Injection Facts & Information If you are suffering from chronic pain or weakness in your arms, head, or face, you understand how physical disabilities can […]

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Trigger Point Injections

Reduces Inflammation for Knotted or Tight Muscles Trigger point injections are intended to reduce inflammation and muscle tightness that affect surrounding nerves. Trigger Point Injection Facts & Information First, what is a trigger point? A trigger point is a knotted or tight area of muscle that can be felt under the skin and, when pressure is applied, often refers (or […]

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Stem Cell Therapy

Uses Your Own Stem Cells to Help Your Joints Heal The non-surgical Stem Cell Therapy procedure utilizes your own concentrated stem cells into injured or arthritic joints to help your body heal. Stem Cell Therapy Facts & Information Stem Cell Therapy as an alternative solution to invasive surgery for patients suffering from a wide range of […]

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Relieves Pain by Directly Impacting the Underlying Condition Prolotherapy promotes long-term, often permanent pain relief by stimulating the body’s ability to repair itself. Prolotherapy Facts & Information Prolotherapy is an innovative technique that relieves pain by directly impacting the underlying condition causing that pain. In contrast to many medical treatments that may provide only temporary […]

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP Therapy)

Super-Concentrated Platelets Help Accelerate Healing of Injured Tissues We utilize the nation’s most advanced, concentrated and pure form of platelet rich plasma, ensuring the best possible patient outcomes. PRP Facts & Information PRP is a next-generation injection procedure commonly used to treat the following conditions:   Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Shoulder, Hip and Spine Rotator Cuff […]

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Joint Injections

Contain a Local Anesthetic & a Corticosteroid for Instant & Long Term Pain Relief When joint pain does not resolve in a reasonable amount of time with OTC medication and/or physical therapy, an injection of medication directly into the joint is a frequently performed procedure.   Joint Injections Facts & Information Joints are places in the […]

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