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rekha sharma-09929771962 slipdisc prolapse-PIVD L4/5&L5S1

By : on : May 29, 2016 comments : (Comments Off on rekha sharma-09929771962 slipdisc prolapse-PIVD L4/5&L5S1)

my self teacher jaipur age 40 yrs,since many years  i was complaining with low back pain going down to leg with tingling sensation along with cramps,being diagnose by treating doctor as slipdisc,and suggested to get done surgery at every where,in addition i had taken physio exercise with some safety measure,after exhaust from every corner,i met with dr sanjay sharma renowned pain physician,he exmined me ask me to go for non surgical minimal invasive technique-rf ablation with discectomy.from same day as he did ,i started my daily routine,now i am fit and doing all official duty without pain

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