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ozone treatment-slip disc



ozone discectomy is world wide adopted by pain physician to treat spine disc problems-protrusion,contained disc.but if apply precisely by physician-no doubt results are appreciable.
in my opinion more then 95% of slip disc can be manage without surgery.

What is Ozone Disectomy (Ozonucleolysis)?

Injection of Ozone-Oxygen mixture into the disc is a new alternative method of treating patients suffering from back and leg pain (sciatica) caused by disc prolapse. Large number of international studies confirms the efficacy of this treatment and superiority of this treatment over conventional disc surgery.

How does it work?

When ozone-oxygen is injected into the herniated / prolapsed disc, it shrinks and pressure on the nerve is reduced. Ozone is also a strong anti-inflammatory agent and it reduces swelling of the inflamed painful nerves, caused by extrusion of inner disc material (Nucleus pulposus), that supply back & legs.

Is Ozone therapy safe?

Ozone injections have been found to be extremely safe form of treatment. This treatment is by and large free from any side effect by the injection of ozone itself and procedural related complications.

What are the steps involved?

It comprises of 1-2 injections of medical grade ozone oxygen mixture under digital C-Arm imaging, in the operating theatre, into the disc and near the affected nerve root in the canal through which the nerve comes out of the spine at the prolapsed disc level, over a 4-6 week duration.

You will spend only 2-3 hours in the hospital for each session of treatment.

Why at JPRC ?

JPRC has a qualified team of pain physician headed by dr sanjay sharma  globally known interventional pain physician ,who has perform more then 10000 spine disc pain procedure to save patient from unwanted spine surgery,that is common practice by treating doctors ,acquired the latest and advanced model of digital Ozone generator and high end “C” arm / Image Intensifier for precise location of discs and emerging nerve roots. It also has dedicated with highly clean & aseptic Operation Theater with latest monitoring and emergency equipments.



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